Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where to Find Bargain Area Rugs

The ground-in spaghetti bolognese on my old dining room rug was the last straw.

The rug had to go. I chose “beige” before we had kids. Now the color could be more aptly described as “dirt.”

We had wanted a new area rug for a long time - the trouble was finding a store that offered a wide selection and affordable prices. It seems like so many large area rugs cost upward of $1000.

I searched around online and off, but couldn’t find what we wanted. Something with neutral but rich color that would hide stains. Something with a bit of panache, but no graphics or patterns that could clash with table decor.

Then Google led me to, where I found many area rugs with reasonable prices. I’m beyond pleased with the 8’ by 11’ Flora Moderna rug pictured above that I bought for about $300 by using a discount code posted on Coupon Cabin. Would you believe shipped this ginormous thing for $2.95?

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